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November/December issue



Added link for Maruice Gendron under Historical Cellists June 21, 2000

[Picture]Membership Sponsors update June 10, 2000

[Picture]Reflections on World Cello Congress III June 10, 2000

[Picture]Cellists, Composers and Cyber-Communion June 10, 2000

[Picture]Monthly Links Archive Updated June 3, 2000

[Picture]Cello picture of the month June 3, 2000

[Picture]New Message Board for Cellists and Composers discussing new compositions.

[Picture]The ICS Staff page was updated on May 8, 2000.

[Picture]Our newest message board is The Professional Performers and Educators Board. This board is strictly for adults who make a living from the cello.

[Picture]There is a database for cello teachers at Cello Heaven.

[Picture]Our page of Summer Music Camps and Festivals was updated on March 6.

[Picture]StringThings.com - finest quality accessories for string instruments at unbeatable prices!
In March we started a program with "String Things," and all ICS members get an exclusive 5% discount! A good place to get rosin, strings, etc.

[Picture]Added a new biography of Aldo Parisot of Yale.

[Picture]Feb. 23, added an "exploded view" of the cello to the index.

[Picture]February 23 we added a page on orchestral seating arrangements. See the scroll down index, or go to http://www.cello.org/seating.htm.

[Picture]The listing of professional cellists was reworked in February, 2000.

[Picture]Our "Past Greats of the Cello" section has been redone and expanded. Also, we have added an scroll-down index of the site to our home page.

[Picture]We have added a new bulletin board for job seekers, and employers. Please post cello performer and teacher jobs here: http://server2.ezboard.com/fcellofungetajob.

[Picture]We added a section of tips/faqs for questions specifically about the cello as an object, an instrument, and its accessories, such as bows, rosin, strings, and so on. Click here to check it out.

[Picture]We have added new bulletin boards especially for young cellists and amateur cellists, and moved the Instrument/Equipment board over to our EZBoard complex. Just follow the "bulletin board" link on the left hand side of our home page.

[Picture]Did you ever need a piece of manuscript paper, but just couldn't find one? ICS provides it for you free: Just click here, and print it out.

[Picture]There is a new biography of David Soyer.

[Picture]A link to Solow's Repertoire list has been added to our full index.

[Picture]The Cello Chat message board's url has been changed to http://server2.ezboard.com/fcellofuncellochat.

[Picture]Andrew Whettam's Student's Guide to Cello Care was added on 9/25/99.

[Picture]We have added a new biography of French cellist Paul Tortelier to our series, "Great Cellists of the Past."

[Picture]This past week (September 4-8) the webmaster updated the library, as well as adding many new pictures to the photo archive. You can reach either of these from the left hand table of contents.

[Picture]We have added a new feature on the front page, "Great Links of the Week."

[Picture]The webmaster updated the Tutti Celli newsletter, and picture of the week on August 24.

[Picture]The Vancouver Cello Club has a new web site.

[Picture]Here is a wonderful scholarship opportunity, to go to Korea this Summer. The deadline is July 20, so hurry. This letter to webmaster explains it:

Dear Fellow Webmaster �

Thank you very much for bringing great service to music community. � We were wondering if you could add our site in Links section and/or News section of your web site. Many students, parents and teachers will appreciate the information. �

Nayhehol International Music Festival and Competition is a world class international summer music festival in Korea offering FULL SCHOLARSHIP education to all participants by world renowned faculty including members of NY Philharmonic. �

Thank you very much for your thoughtful consideration. �

Administrator, Nayhehol International Music Festival and Competition

p.s. I would love you to e-mail me, if you need more information.
p.p.s. We need more string players for this year's festival more than anything. Good music major college students, all-state level students would be very likly to win this years full scholarship. Please, let me know if you have any good idea getting the word around.

[Picture]NEW! Full-length "RealAudio" concerts
by ICS staffer Paul Tseng!

[Picture]webmaster's Photo Archive has been updated with over 200 pictures of cellos. It is listed in our left frame at the home page. Please email your neat cello photos to webmaster.

We are trying out a brand new Message Board, donated to us by EZ Board. Go there by clicking HERE.

There is now an archive for the old Cello Chat message board.

New Instrument/Equipment Message Board, hosted by Todd French!

[Picture]Check out the cool RealVideo featuring the "Bad Boys of Cello."

[Picture]A Doctoral Thesis by Brinton Smith, about the great cellist Emanuel Feuermann -- the site has been revised. Lots of wonderful information!

[Picture]webmaster has created a free screensaver especially for the ICS. (Note: it only works for Windows 95 or NT.) GO HERE TO READ MORE!

[Picture]We are please to announce a new associate webmaster, Webmaster. John has lots of experience as a professional webmaster, and we are happy to welcome him to the Internet Cello Society staff!

Instruments for sale, new and used, place your own ad

[Picture]The March/April 1999 newsletter featuring an exclusive conversation with Bernard Greenhouse is online!

[Picture]New Brazilian Recording Company--Atracao Fonografica Ltda.

[Picture]Emmanuel Feuermann's page has been updated. If you don't know about "The Fireman," then you need to study your cello history! "Thank you, Bob Battey," for the additional information.

[Picture]Our page of Summer Camps and Festivals has been extensively updated, as of February 10, 1998.

[Picture]The January/February 1999 newsletter including an exclusive interview with Steven Isserlis is online!

[Picture]SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Andor Toth, professional cellist, educator and concert artist will be our featured guest on January 9th from 9-10pm EST, in our chat room. At this time he will entertain discussion on the Tchaikovsky Competition article that appeared in our last issue of the ICS newsletter, TUTTI CELLI (and maybe another in the Jan/Feb 99 issue).

[Picture]Our Music Librarian has changed her email address to sarah_dorsey@uncg.edu. Please remail any questions you may have sent her lately. Sarah Dorsey

[Picture]We have added new information about a young rising cello concert artist: Felix Fan.

[Picture]Use the ICS Banner On Your Own Page!
Thanks for supporting the ICS by placing our banner on your webpages. It's simple, just copy and paste the following code somewhere on one of your webpage:

<a href="http://www.cello.org/">
<img src="http://www.cello.org/icsbannr.gif" alt="Internet Cello Society" border=0&gt</A>

The logo would appear as shown below:
Internet Cello Society

[Picture]There is a new children's book about the "Cellist of Sarajevo." You can read about it on our cello products page, just scroll down a few paragraphs to find the link.

[Picture]The new "Tutti Celli" newsletter for November/December is out! (Full of good stuff, too.)

[Picture]Janos Starker's schedule for November '98 to April '99 has now been posted on our Starker pages. What a great cellist! Maybe some of you fortunate ones can see him in concert.

[Picture]JOB OPENING: The Detroit Symphony will hold auditions for the position of Principal Cello January 9-12, 1999. Send a detailed resume to Stephen Molina, Orchestra Personnel Manager, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, 3711 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201 or fax it to 313-576-5182.


[Picture]Popper's "Highschool" to be performed!

[Picture]For a site loaded with interesting articles related to violins and cellos, try the Fritz-Reuter Violin Shop. It is amazing.

[Picture]Did you ever wonder if old cellos truly sound better than new ones? Check out the "New and Improved Cello Test" by the Chicago Cello Society.

[Picture]The renowned name of Frank Miller, late of the Chicago Symphony, has been added to our list of biographies of "Great Cellists of the Past."

[Picture]Pierre Fournier's page has been updated with a photo of the wonderful French cellist.

[Picture]A new cello competition page has been added. There is one coming up in New Zealand that looks interesting!

[Picture]Leonard Rose's daughter has written with additional information about the great cellist and teacher. Check it out HERE.

[Picture]We have updated our cello merchandise page.

[Picture]We have started a new "Joke of the Week" feature (9/13/98).

[Picture]New article in Technique Tips: Using Drugs to Calm Nerves. Posted by Wayne Burak on Cello Chat. Thanks, Wayne.

[Picture]#Cellotalk--Real-time chat room!
#Cellotalk has been field tested by the webmaster, and some of our faithful members, and it seems to work great! webmaster plans to be in the #Cellotalk chat room every Saturday from 9 to 10 PM, Eastern time. Last Saturday we talked about rosin, cello strings, refinishing a cello top, and some common friends. Everyone is invited to join the discussion.

[Picture]The September/October newsletter is online!

[Picture] Would you like to be able to read Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters in your web browser, or newsreader? Go here to get "AsianView" for free!

[Picture]webmaster shares his web secrets, and favorite computer programs. Go here to get some great downloads!

[Picture]HELP!!! webmaster (our webmaster) was trying out a new program, and it crashed his computer! He has lost all email received for the past few weeks! If you have written, and not gotten a response, please write webmaster again and repeat your message!

[Picture]DOUBLE FLASH! webmaster (our webmaster) has just changed his email address (AGAIN!) back to webmaster@cello.org. Please write him there if you need to. He is glad to get his name back!

[Picture]John Michel, our fearless leader, has finished the latest edition of "Tutti Celli," our ICS newsletter. There is an exclusive interview with Arto Noras, and lots of other good stuff!

[Picture]New link to Orchestras Around the World. We have linked to this on our left-hand index. Thanks to the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra for a fine resource!

[Picture]FLASH!! Remembering Tom Cora, sponsored by New Directions Cello Association

[Picture]The Converse College School of Music in Spartanburg, South Carolina has just instituted a new Graduate String Quartet program. For information, send email to Kenneth Law, Instructor of Violoncello at Coverse College School of Music.

[Picture]Bulletproof Cello Case (No Kidding!)

[Picture]Our latest "picture of the week!" Do you think cellos sound better in those rooms?

[Picture]There is a new cello club in South Africa, the "Cape Town Cello Club." Check out our list of cello clubs.

[Picture]A new article about "wolf tones" has been added to our Cello Tips On Technique Pages.

[Picture]webmaster has added several new biographies to our series "Great Cellists of the Past."

[Picture]A new technique tip about "stage fright" has been posted to our page of tips.

[Picture]"Quicktime" format movies of Pablo Casals at the United Nations have been added to the Pablo Casals Biography (see page 28). There is also a link there for downloading the free Quicktime Viewer.

[Picture]The I.C.S. now has the internet's most extensive list of "classical" music selections in RealAudio format. Click HERE to check it out!

[Picture]Music History 102 From the University of Michigan
This is a marvelous resource of general information about every period of music, and many composers. Highly recommended! This is now listed at the ICS "Cellist's Gateway to the Internet."

[Picture]I.C.S. member Brandon Voo has submitted an inspiring article about motivation for practicing. It is called "My Father's Music." Thanks, Brandon!

[Picture]Our List of Festivals and Summer Camps has been updated as of April 3. Please let us know details of other camps, congresses, festivals etc., which should be on the list.

Translate Banner Any page of our entire I.C.S. site may now be read in French, German, Italian, Spanish or Portugese!

[Picture]Don't miss cellist Wendy Warner at the Wichita State University Cello Festival (April 1 deadline to register if you want to participate in her master class).


The Official ICS "Cello Chat," moderated by ICS staffer Paul Tseng, is back! Thanks to all of you who donated to make it possible, and thanks Paul!


and the Livin' is Easy!
What are you doing this Summer for your cello? Why not attend a cello camp? Check out our updated Camp/Festival page.


Cellist Stephen Drake has provided lists of audition requirements for a number of symphony orchestras around the United States. Thank you, Stephen, for this valuable information! See "Auditions" in our left side index.


We have added a new page in memory of those cellists who have recently passed away. Please feel free to email your articles and obituaries to the webmaster, for inclusion.


A new section full of photos and articles about old instruments. See "Master Makers" in our index at the left.


[Picture]A Milestone! The ICS is proud to present our first full RealAudio cello recital, featuring John Michel, cello; and Lisa Bergman, piano. The recital was given on November 19, 1997 at the Herz Recital Hall, Central Washington University. Just click on the RealAudio symbol to enjoy the recital. Note: You need to install the RealPlayer in your web browser to have this capability. Learn about RealAudio and get the free player here.

[Picture]JOB ALERT!

From: Dwain Barefield

X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.01 (Win16; I)

To: "Marshall St. John" 

Subject: Re: Professional Cellist Web-Page update

Beginning Fall '98, there will be up to four assistantships which

include full tuition waivers and stipends of between $3 and 6K per year

available to Cellists.  Those chosen will enroll in the Masters of Music Program

at the California State University (CSUS) Sacramento.  These masters

students will teach cello privately through the California Cello Project.

The California Cello Project will be directed by Professor Andrew

Luchansky.  For more information, contact Prof. Luchansky via e-mail

aluchansky@csus.edu  or at the address below.

Deadline for applications is March 15, 1998.  To apply directly, send an

audition sample on cassette of between 15-30 minutes, a 1 to 2 page

resume and two letters of recommendation from current or recent teachers to:

           Prof. Luchansky

           CSUS School of Music

           Sacramento, California 95819

[Picture]Have added RealAudio selections to the Janos Starker pages.

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