New Endpin or "Spike Holder" now available. Seems to be a very good product!

There is a new Instrument/Equipment Message Board, hosted by Todd French! We hope you will check it out!
Note: Todd's email address is tfrenchh@aol.com.

For good prices, and helpful service, check out Cellos2go.com!

A Big List of Cello Merchants

StringThings.com - finest quality accessories for string instruments at unbeatable prices!
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cello items
cello items

Merchants' Email
800 numbers
and web sites:

Not in any particular order...

Codabow, Graphite Bows

Music Art, limited edition prints of musical subjects.

Just Strings, Looks like a nice site for finding cello strings by mail-order.

Amazing Music World, Order sheet music, and print it out on your own printer.

Mister Standman, Handmade custom music stands.

Atelier Bach Bogen Curved Baroque Bows

Arcus Bows, a new carbon fiber bow.

Montagnana Books
Instruments for sale, new and used, place your own ad
DAVINA...A new site for cello sheet music
Potter's Violin Shop
Jim Laabs Music Superstore
String Instrument Repair
Antonio Violins
Fritz Reuter Violin Shop
Johnson String Instruments
Breezy Ridge Instruments Home Page
Stringworks, Instrument Sales and Rentals, especially for students
StringNet, The Internet Stringed Instrument Exchange
--Cellos (and other stringed instruments) of all prices and qualities for sale.
1-800-336-1980 Music City Strings
1-800-267-2078 Quinn Violins
1-800-250-5814 Sloan and Tucker
1-800-438-4538 Shar
1-800-522-1099 Ifshin Violins
1-800-736-8742 Phillip H. Weinkrantz
(Call 415-399-1201 from outside the USA)
1-800-826-8648 Young Musicians
1-800-348-5003 Discount String Center
1-800-528-3430 Southwestern Strings

Music and CD Outlets

Columbia House Music, Laser Discs, and Video Club
BMG Music Club
Ken Cranes LD Store
LD Club
Laser Trax
Chuck Legg's Discount LD Store
Just LD Store
A20 Entertainment
Record Collecting Resourses
NVI Classical Record Store

Other Products and Merchants

Used Music of All Sorts

New children's book about "The Cellist of Sarajevo."
We received the following email about it:

Date: Fri, 06 Nov 1998 20:31:19 -0800

The children's book, "Echoes From The Square" (about Vedran Smailovic, cellist, by Elizabeth Wellburn, is now published.

More info can be found at my web site http://coastnet.com/dhouston/

(Mr. Yo Yo Ma has endorsed the book with a few words.)

I did the paintings for the book.

Deryk Houston

Fiberware Handmade Cello Cases

Zeta Electronic Instruments

Onfiddle.com - Cello Bibs and Sacs, and Googalies

Encore Music Publishers


Royal Holloway Music Department Publications
Department of Music Lionel Pike. Beethoven, Sibelius and the `Profound Logic': Studies in Symphonic Analysis, with a foreword by Robert Simpson, London; [Atlantic Highlands,] NJ

Homepage of ABC music:
Whether you require information, wish to sell, purchase, rent repair or exchange a musical instrument, we provide you with the best service and value via the Net!

The Music Yellow Pages
is the only complete categorical index of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and nationwide retailers for the music, pro audio, entertainment and lighting industries. It features over 34,000 listings broken into two main directories: The Yellow Pages Directory & The Business Directory

Wild About Music - Gift Shop Index.
This page is a listing of all Gift Shop products featured in this web site.

Hank Roberts Jazz Cello CD's

Full Moon Master Class Videos featuring Bernard Greenhouse

Selling high quality wood for cello makers

Posture Peg for Cellists

Milo Cello Chair--Made in Germany. Fax # 49-71-71-61 553; Phone # 49-71-71-64-450. The legs are ajustable according to your height; the seat is narrow, so you don't slide, and the back offers support where it is supposed to. It is also collapsable and comes in a canvas case so you can carry it with you anywhere.

Judy Johnson's Seat Cushions
Tapered cushions for healthful seating are now available. They are constructed out of firm material, with just one inch of foam on the top for comfort. Upholstered with sturdy fabric, each has a handy carrying handle and is light and durable. When properly used these cushions provide the same support for your back when you sit as when you stand. They can be ordered in a variety of sizes: Small; Medium = 1 inch larger than small; Large = two inches larger than small;
For larger sizes indicate: Large plus 1 inch, Large plus 2 inches, etc.
To order call: Judy Johnson, (714) 832-6769
Victor Sazer has more information about healthful seating.


Free Sheet Music

Cello Cases for Sale

Erickson Editions, Cello Etudes

Winston-Salem Violins

Curtin & Alf

Emile Baran Instruments, Atlanta

Musical Instrument Exchange (for sale)

Ifshin Violins

Phillips Auctioneers

Yamashita String Shop (in Japanese)

Alamo Violins
A new Hong Kong based instrument seller, specializing in Chinese made violins, violas and cellos.

Southwestern Stringed Instruments

Norwegian Cello Music-An Extensive List

Maestronet's Showroom of Instruments for Sale

Musicelli-- (Cello Sheet Music)

Tambovsky & Krutz Cellos

Cellos from Animato

For Sale in Australia

Andrew Kirk, Violin Maker

Roberto Regazzi, Violin Maker

Hans Johannson's Homepage

Antonio Stradivari Violin Making School Homepage

Violons, etc.: Lutherie d'art

A Guide to Stringed Instrument Repair

David VanZant, Violin-maker

List of Instrument Makers

Cellos from Animato

Chris Dungey, Cello Maker

Exclusively Cello

Cello Classifieds

Maestronet's Showroom of Instruments for Sale

Seattle Area Instrument Sales

The Virtual AccompanistPlay along on your cello!

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