Looking After Your ‘Cello
A Student's Guide to Cello Care
Contributed by Andrew Whettam

Unpacking & Packing Your ‘Cello From A Soft Case

· Always take the bow out of the case first

· Always put the bow in the case last

Storing Your ‘Cello

· Put the spike in when you have finished playing

· Leave the ‘cello on its side in the corner of a room for short periods only

· pack it away in its case for anything over a few minutes

· Keep your ‘cello away from heat (radiators, gas or electric fires etc.)

· Keep your ‘cello out of the cold

· Never leave your ‘cello in a hot or cold car for a long period of time (eg. overnight)

Cleaning Your ‘Cello

· Do not use polish or detergents

· Simply wipe with a duster

Looking After Your Bow

· Do not over-tighten the hair

· Do not touch the hair

· Remember to resin the bow before you start to play

· Do slacken off the hair when you have finished playing

Accidents Or Breakages

· DO NOT attempt DIY repairs, no matter how simple or how skilled the repairer

· Please take the instrument to your teacher for inspection