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Third Australasian
Christchurch, New Zealand
19 - 25 July 1999
1st prize: NZ$ 8,000
2nd prize: NZ$ 4,000
3rd prize: NZ$ 2,000
Prize package includes
* Performance engagement with New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
* Recording of the compact disc for 'Naxos' label
Age limit: 30 years on 25 July 1999
Application deadline: 30 April 1999

Applicants for the competition should send an application form and a high-quality audio cassette tape (20' maximum) with a recording of a Prelude from Bach suite and a movement from Haydn Concerto (from the 1st and from the 2nd round, respectively ). Successful applicants will be invited to the competition by 20 May 1999. Contestants must be prepared to travel to Christchurch at their own expenses. Competitors will be billeted in Christchurch and accompanists provided free-of-charge. The entry fee of NZ$ 100 should be sent 'free of charge to the payee' only after the candidate has received the confirmation of acceptance to: School of Music, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

International Jury :

Registration and rehearsals: Monday, 19 July 1999
1st round - 20-21 July, Great Hall, Arts Centre
2nd round - 22-23 July, Great Hall, Arts Centre
Final round- 24 July , with Christchurch Symphony Orchestra , Town Hall Auditorium.

Winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes should be prepared to play complete concertos from the 1st or 3rd rounds with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra.

* Daily masterclasses and recitals given by members of jury and guest soloists
* All welcome to masterclasses but priority given to Canterbury University cello students and contestants
* Early applications for active participation in masterclasses recommended

Programme for the competition (All compositions , except a sonata for cello and piano in the 2d round, to be performed from memory)

1st round
a] HAYDN Concerto in C or in D, with Cadenzas
b] Solo Cello Sonata by HINDEMITH, LIGETI, or CRUMB; or 'Three Strophes' by DUTILLEUX ;
or BRITTEN -Suite for solo cello op.72 (Canto Terzo,Bordone,Moto Perpetuo e Canto Quatro),
or Suite op.80 (Declamato,Fuga,Scherzo) or Suite op.87 (Fantastico, Presto, Lento Solenne).
c] ROSTROPOVICH -'Humoresque', for cello and piano, op.5 (Sikorski)

2nd round
a] BACH - Prelude from Solo Cello Suites BWV 1010, 1011 or 1012
b] Sonata for cello and piano by PROKOFIEV, POULENC, SCHNITTKE (Nos.1 oR 2), BARBER, MARTINU (No.1), or 'Suite Italienne' by STRAVINSKY.

3rd round ELGAR , DVORAK or SCHUMANN Concerto, or 'Rococo Variations" by TCHAIKOVSKY(Fitzenhagen)

Application forms and enquiries:
Dr Alexander IVASHKIN, Festival Artistic Director, School of Music,
University of Canterbury, Private Bag 4800, Christchurch, New Zealand,
Fax +64-3-364-2728
Telephone +64-3-358-8605, +64-3-364-2183, +64-3-364-2091;
Mobile: +64-25-571855
E-mail: a.ivashkin@music.canterbury.ac.nz