We love Theo.

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Posted by Alex Bak on May 10, 1999 at 18:28:02:

In Reply to: Re: what's going on? posted by cheryl on May 10, 1999 at 04:22:05:

Theo all this advice is good advice and when I was your age I heard much the same from people who were all older and wiser than me. I knew in my heart that they were right and desperately wished I could adopt their attitude to life. Unfortunately for me adolescence seemed to be the problem. From around the age of 14 everything was so confusing and such a struggle. I had it all; low self esteem, depression, self-doubt etc, etc.
It really felt to me as though I was in a big hole in the ground. Occasionally with people's love and goodwill I managed to crawl up the sides a bit but something would always cause me to slide back down again. When I was your age I was scared that I might never get out and might have to live the rest of my life down that hole.
Then things reached an all time low. It might have been a combination of my desperation and need to grow up or just the fact that I was 17 turning 18. but things started to get better again.
I was out of my hole and close to my family again. I embraced the cello again and all my ambition came back. It felt to me as though I had rediscovered the person I was before adolescence.
Is it like this for other people? I don't know Theo but maybe it is for you too. If it is then have faith that if you sit it out eventually you'll feel good again and things will make sense.
Incidently, since I graduated from adolescence my life has been wonderful. Simply because I can put things in perspective and deal with my life when things don't go right.
I hope that all this has shown you that people do care about you. Look at how many responses you've had. They might not have answers that will help you now but they've all given you love.
Hang in there Theo,
love Alex.

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