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My name is Anthony (Burke) Cushing, and I live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

I started playing the cello in the fall of '88 under the instruction of Mrs. Susan Logan. Now I'm in the Dartmouth Senior String Ensemble and the Dartmouth Senior String Quartet. This is also my last year in the Dartmouth School system. It will most likely be the last year for the String program as well. Due to funding cuts, strings and music will, unfortunately, will be the first to go.

There are seven people in our family. Eight if you count the dog, Tilley.
-Burke - Dad.
-Bernadette - Mom!
-Anthony - Me. The oldest.
-Timmy - Second oldest.
-Natalie - The only girl, stuck in the middle.
-Stephen - Second to last.
-Willie - The last.

What I Do:
- I'm a student at Prince Andrew High School.
- I play the cello.
- I'm the Editor-in-Chief of our school paper. The P.A.Lately.
- Also the editor of the P.A.H. Prints. P.A.'s Student Council Newsletter.
- I'm a Student Council Grade Representative. Part of the bureaucratic ooze !

* I like to read. Interests are in biographies. Truth is stranger than fiction.
* I like to listen to /play / arrange / and criticize music.
* I'm a devote follower of Frank Sinatra and Glenn Gould, if anyone out there has any comments about Frank or Glenn, fire away.

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The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Web site:
The Classical MIDI Archives:
Apple Computer:
The Frank Sinatra WWW Page:
MacUser Magazine:

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