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WELCOME to the Internet Cello Society! We are currently 650 members strong and represent 23 different countries around the world! Countries represented include Austria, Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, South Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Japan, Portugal, Russian Federation, Singapore, Sweden, South Africa, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United States.

'TUTTI CELLI' is the Internet Cello Society's bi-monthly newsletter and serves several purposes: 1.) to make announcements of what is new at the ICS World Wide Web site, within the Internet music world, and throughout the real music world. 2.) to feature a distinguished cellist, an ICS member, and interesting articles. 3.) and to summarize activities in ICS cello forums and departments.

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First the BAD NEWS, the hard drive that the ICS registration and directory search programs were on, CRASHED! Because of hardware and software problems, all ICS members should check to see that their membership information is intact and correct. About 200 membership registrations were dumped into cyberspace and lost forever :-(
The GOOD NEWS is that Josh Childers will have the registery up and running within the week. And now the new improved version should be stable and backed up. Also the registration form can now be used to update your information.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OUR FIRST ICS ONLINE MEETING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to WebChat Broadcasting System, ICS has a special room for Society real-time meetings on the World Wide Web! We will hold our first meeting this Saturday, September 2nd from 1:00pm PDT or 4:00pm EDT. Our topic of discussion will be focus on general issues of ICS and this issue of TUTTI CELLI. We will be using the usenet room named `rec.music.classical'. Please join us; we need a good showing to make this worthwhile.

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In this issue of TUTTI CELLI, Laura Geiges writes a letter in the Cellist-By-Night Forum about how she enjoys playing the cello even thought it is only her avocation. She hopes that teachers will start espousing the joy of playing in "parlor" ensembles and deemphasize the need to become a professional to be successful in music.

For the month of August, I disappeared into the mountain valley of Leavenworth, Washington for the first annual Icicle Creek Chamber Music Festival. The Kairos Quartet, of which my wife and I are members, is the resident quartet. We were joined by friends including the Chester Quartet, pianists Francine Kay and Peter Longworth, violist Carla-Maria Rodrigues, composer Maria Newman and other wonderful musicians. Collaborating with these artists proved to be refreshing, inspiring, and challenging. We pulled off eight excellent programs and the audiences grew with each new concert. In conjunction with the festival we ran a two week chamber music festival for advanced students. The students' energy and excitement were contagious, and the music-making was accordingly vivacious. I enjoyed how much the faculty and students fed off each other's enthusiasm for learning and music.

The Festival and Institute were housed at the Sleeping Lady Conference Retreat which was still under construction. There were dozens of construction crews pounding hammers, sawing through granite, and digging trenches. It was gratifying how often the construction workers would stop and generously thank us for our music-making, even for our repetitious practice! Many of these workers would show up at our concerts, which served as a reminder to me that great music is its own best advocate.


***If you would like to respond to something you have read in 'Tutti Celli', write to CelloTalk@aol.com and type "Letter to Editor" in subject field. (Letters may be edited.)***

I am a new member of ICS and a new cello student. I have been participating in the "cellists by night" area of ICS. I have found that the most valuable aspect of the Society for me is the ability to reach people and have a two-way "conversation". Tim Finholt has been extremely helpful and very responsive. As time passes I am hoping to find a way to contribute something to ICS. Thanks
Charles Muller

Thank you so much for your excellent web page. It is nice to have a place that you feel at home in on the net. Thanks!
Cello Teacher and sometime performer...

Keep up the good work, your site is very interesting, more substance than most which are often just pretty graphics with nothing more. Your graphics are also very nice.


This service is wonderful and I really enjoy being a part of it.
Canadian member

I've just found out that you publish monthly cello magazine in Internet. I would very much like to subscribe it!
Tuomas Kareinen
University of Helsinki, Finland
And a fanatical cellist!!!!!!!!

Although I'm an MD/PhD (Immunology) student at Northwestern Medical school, my first love is, and always will be, the CELLO. Although I should be studying for medical boards during my "down" time in the lab, I decided to "surf" the 'net and was HAPPILY surprised to find the "Internet Cello Society"--it instantly became a bookmark on my Netscape!
Thank you for such a resourceful URL!
Melissa Munroe
NUMS, Chicago, IL



With the continued turmoil in the former Yugoslavia, the courage of one cellist stands out as a symbol of humanity and the hope of true peace. This article is a review of a very special performance of David Wilde's "Cellist of Sarajevo" performed by YoYo Ma and dedicated to cellist Vedran Smailovic. The author of this article is a present unidentified. If you have information as to the origins of this moving article, please write to CelloTalk@aol.com
"On May 27th, 1992, a bakery in Sarajevo which happened to have a supply of flour was making bread and distributing it to the starving, war-shattered people. At 4 p.m., a long line stretched into the street. Suddenly, a shell fell directly into the middle of the line, killing 22 people outright and splattering blood and gore over the entire area. A hundred yards away lived a 37-year-old man named Vedran Smailovic. Before the war he had been the principal cellist of the Sarajevo Opera Company--a distinguished and civilized job, no doubt. When he saw the massacre outside his window, he was pushed beyond his capacity to endure anymore. Driven by his anguish, he decided he had to take action, and so he did the only thing he could do. He made music. Every day there after, at 4 p.m. precisely, Mr. Smailovic would put on his full formal concert attire, and walk out of his apartment into the midst of the battle raging around him."


by TimFinholt

Gordon Epperson is Professor Emeritus from the University of Arizona. He is a renowned cello pedagogue and author, having written several books and articles, including The Art of Cello Teaching, which was derived from articles he wrote in the eight years he was editor of the "Cellist's Forum" in American String Teacher magazine. His recording of solo cello works by Ysaye, Crumb, and Kodaly has recently been released on CD.

In the Conversations, Mr. Epperson shares some of his experiences of teachers Piatigorsky, Silva, and Eisenberg and of conductors Koussevitzky and Sir Thomas Beecham. He finds the diversity of being an orchestral player, a recitalist, a soloist, a teacher, and a writer to be mutually reinforcing. He shares some pedagogical ideas on interpretation and principles of playing the Bach Suites.



As a full-time cello teacher in the state school-system of Fife, north of Edinburgh, Scotland, Beverly Gray finds herself extremely busy dividing her time between 14 different schools! At present the music teaching programs of Britian are facing possible reductions, but there is hope that the programs maintenance can be shifted to the local government. Ms. Gray is interested in the "dilemma of resorce allocation and its effect on educational policy" which is also the subject of her dissertation for her MBA degree.

She is also the current president of the Edinburgh Society of Musicians and has been chairman of the Scottish Branch of the European String Teachers Association. Ms. Gray occasionally performs on the cello and especially likes the piano trio ensemble. She has also studied or worked in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio and Saudi Arabia.


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The COMMUNITY-MUSIC MAILING LIST has been formed, and there are already over 150 of us discussing issues regarding community (amateur) bands and orchestras. Won't you join us? Among topic to be discussed: music selection, conductor searches, getting the word out to your potential audience, finding and keeping key personnel, and more. There is also a digest version of the list available for those who don't want their inboxes flooded (currently, we are seeing 8-10 messages/day. To subscribe, send an email containing the text:
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to be held this year at Furman University on September 8 and 9. The guest teacher this year is Norman Fischer. Friday activities are masterclasses for middle through college students. Saturday is the actual choir day.
Please call or write for an application to Dr. Richard Maag, Music Department, Furman University, Greenville, SC 29613. His number is 803/294-2019.


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