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This month the magic number seems to be 300. We have now 300 members and our World Wide Web frontpage has been visited 300 times in the last week! We are happy to hear that someone is checking out our site. Recently we have made several modifications our WWW site:


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America Online users will be happy to hear that World Wide Web access is just around the corner! Here is the lastest from the President of AOL, Steve Case:
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As I said last month, providing you with a World Wide Web connection has been one of our top development priorities. We're readying Web browsers for both Windows and Mac, and they should be available at about the same time. The engineering is now "code complete" and we are making good progress in quality assurance testing. We're aiming to make these browsers available for downloading late this month, but as I said in my letter last month, there's a chance availability may slip into early May. But when you see our browser in action, I think you'll agree that the enhancements we've incorporated make it well worth the wait."

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A bit of the New York subway life came to the small town of Ellensburg, WA in the form of the unique Chinese violinist Chen Cong. The second involved experiencing the increased freedom, power and energy of the body by applying principles of the Alexander Technique.

He talked about how the 1966 Cultural Revolution under Mao Zedong and other govermental restrictions suppressed his musical aspirations. After he miraculously obtained a Visa, he came to New York and enrolled at Manhattan School of Music. Upon his arrival he had essentially no money, but, after observing musicians performing in the subway, he decided to try playing as well. He became very successful at it. Chen Cong, also a remarkable storyteller, recounted how he dragged $800 worth of quarters to the bank in order to exchange it for bills. Because he didn't have an account, he was forced to return and pay his rent in quarters! He also paid his $4000 of tuition in single dollar bills! Chen Cong is an inspiring living story of resilience, unwavering dedication to music making, and endearing, humble appreciation for everything good in life. You may have read the recent New York Times profile of Mr. Chen: "his devotion to making beautiful music carried him through persecution, delivered him to America and has blossomed two decades later into such a striking, unanticipated flower that beggars empty their tattered cups into his violin case."

While many musicians are already aware of the benefits of the Alexander Technique, I had my first in-depth experience this past weekend. Clinician and cellist Suzanne Finger gave a workshop on the principles of the Alexander Technique. She described the nature of the Alexander Technique in various terms including the conscious awareness of the body and its parts to modify subconscious habits. Through positive, simple suggestions she guided the parts of the body into natural balance and lengthened alignment. Her method was not goal oriented but process oriented in that the purpose was to heighten awareness not necessarily to get it correct. The class learned more efficient approaches to standing, walking, sitting, looking around, resting, and establishing various instrument positions. And as a cellist I learned how to avoid straining of the back to reach for the lower positions and how to prevent the joint pain I had been having in the third joint of my left second finger. The problem was not where I had expected; I exerted unnecessary force to lift my third and fourth finger, and this caused the undo pressure on the joint.

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What a great idea - I am an Internet novice but this has given me the inspiration to get better! Anyway best wishes from us all over here - we are looking forward to a fruitful exchange of ideas.

William Bruce
Director, Cello Club from Great Britain

I recently discovered you on the Web and would like to become a member. Thanks for all your hard work putting this together! It's look great! I found out about ICS from a friend who "surfs the Web." I don't have access to WWW at work or at home, but my husband does at this lab. I'm looking forward to all that you will be offering via WWW.

Maria E. Schwartz
University of Illinois


by Tim Finholt
With more than 80 editions of the Bach Cello Suites, it is no wonder why cellists have difficulty choosing just one. As the article suggests, each edition serves its own purpose, either to show the interpretation of a renowned cellist or to preserve the authenticity of the original copies of the manuscript. One could buy all the editions and make ones own assessment as to the value of each edition, but Tim Finholt spares us some trouble and cash.

***For a complete transcript of the Survey of Bach Suite Editions, click on title or write to "CelloPaul@aol.com" and type "Bach" in the subject field. Please note that there are some graphics of musical excerpts that will accompany the article. The scanned graphics are in jpeg format.***


This month's spotlight is on an important contributor to the Internet Cello Society. The past three feature articles of 'Tutti Celli' have been written by Tim Finholt. An excellent amateur cellist, he makes his living as an electrical engineer. I can testify to his intense passion for Bach and the cello. At the annual Seattle Cello Society Bach Marathon, he played the Prelude of Bach Suite #5 in c minor powerfully and with much sincere expression.

***For a complete transcript of this member's spotlight, click on title or write to "CelloPaul@aol.com" and type "TFinholt" in the subject field.***


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