Tim Janof (formerly known as Tim Finholt) is the Featured Artist Editor of the Internet Cello Society, for whom he publishes a bi-monthly newsletter. He has interviewed over 40 internationally known cellists, pedagogues, and scholars throughout the world. He has also had articles published in professional publications:

Tim Janof's story is an interesting one. His parents started him on the cello at the age of 8. His parents made sure he practiced every day, which he faithfully did for years. However, due to limited resources, he didn't have a cello teacher until he was a sophomore in college. Tim learned what he could by reading books and by observing others in his youth orchestra. He was able to win a cello position in the Seattle Youth Symphony, a great accomplishment at the time, without ever having had a single cello lesson.

Being self-taught, Tim describes his pre-college playing as emotional, but disorganized with sloppy habits. While studying for his Electrical Engineering degree, he took lessons for 1-1/2 years with Toby Saks at the University of Washington. After that he took lessons for 5 years with Eva Heinitz, who was awarded the "Grande Dame du Violoncelle" by Janos Starker, a high honor bestowed on performers who are also known as great teachers. With Eva Heinitz's help, Tim was transformed from a player who could barely play a C Major scale to one who could perform Bach's D Major Prelude. Tim Janof continues to juggle his job as an electrical engineer with performing, producing a newsletter, writing articles, and managing the content of the Internet Cello Society.

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