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WELCOME to the Internet Cello Society! We are currently 1200 members strong and represent 27 different countries around the world! Countries represented include Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, South Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Japan, Portugal, Russian Federation, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United States.

'TUTTI CELLI' is the Internet Cello Society's bi-monthly newsletter and serves several purposes: 1.) to make announcements of what is new at the ICS World Wide Web site, within the Internet music world, and throughout the real music world. 2.) to feature a distinguished cellist, an ICS member, and interesting articles. 3.) and to summarize activities in ICS cello forums and departments.

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*Membership register (optional) searchable by various criteria
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ICS MEMBERSHIP affords benefits as well as responsibility. As a virtual community of cellists, ICS relies on its membership to write articles, volunteer time, share expertise, and submit archive materials. If you have any documents that you would like to share with the global society of users, send them directly to CelloTalk@aol.com or on disk via snail mail. For a truly global perspective of the music world, the Internet Cello Society needs the active cooperation and contribution of each of its members.

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Please join us to celebrate the Internet Cello Society's first anniversary! We need a good showing to make this worthwhile. Detailed instructions. If you have any further questions, please direct them to Nicoletta Pintor at cellos@icom.icom.it


The Internet Cello Society celebrates its first year anniversary! We are almost 1200 members from 27 different countries. 650 members have registered in the online membership directory. Our virtual community of cellists continues to thrive, thanks to the hard work of the ICS staff and members.

Central Washington University is generously purchasing me some video digitizing equipment for my use. This spring I will be producing some cello CD-Rom titles with the help of cellist Jeremy Rule and others!

I am also working on getting some ICS business materials: a logo, stationary, business cards, etc....

I would like to establish our own Internet domain name. Currently it is tahoma.cwu.edu:2000/~michelj which I hope I can reduce to cello.edu or cello.org But like everything, it is not free. To start it up is $100. and then $50. every year to register the name. We will also need our own web server ($1,500+). The great advantage would be ICS could easily add many more audio samples with much better quality.

The easiest way to fund the Society may be to encourage Central Washington University to sponsor it. This does take away some of the autonomy and flexibility of ICS. Other possibilities of funding would be to find commercial sponsors, membership dues and/or personal donations. I welcome any contributions or suggestions in this area.
John Michel, ICS Director


My December schedule took me in two very different musical directions. My wife Carrie Rehkopf and I recorded for CD the exciting Violin and Cello Duo "Deceptio Visus" by composer Maria Newman. The differences between live performances and the recording studio are interesting. Not the slightest aberration of pitch or ensemble are acceptable for a recording. With editing one is able to get a flawless performance. It is rewarding to finally produce a 'product' as visual artists and writers do.

This Christmas I visited the Philippines for the first time since I was three years old. In the small town of Kalibo, Aklan, a very famous Christmas parade called the Atiatian Festival takes place every year. Ad hoc bands in elaborate costumes and enthusiastic crowds of people marched around the town square to the incessant beat of native tribal drums. I joined in for a time, but they marched all night long! I finally experienced the Ives phenomenon of two independent bands converging on each other. But what struck me was how much rhythm in music originates in motion, physical gesture, dance! To know rhythm one needs to get out on that dance floor.

My cousins introduced me to karaoke. Normally I would not be caught dead singing in a bar, but I figured I didn't have much to lose so far from home. So I sang "West Virginia", "Top of the World" and "Amazing Grace" with the karaoke video. It was fun. With a lot of reverb, my voice didn't sound bad. The amazing thing was that my cousins of no music background could all sing well. Some were slightly embarrassed; others sounded better than the original artists! All were connected to the music, producing music and living the meaning of the music.


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[Regarding] the wonderful article about the cellist of Sarajevo. I was almost brought to tears reading it. What a great account and tribute to the human qualities of our instrument and its distinguished servants! I was lucky enough to be present at the mentioned concert, and I remember very vividly this emotional experience, of great solidarity, understanding, and power of musical spirituality. In response to the inquiries about the availability of any audio or video testimonial, I must say there's probably no chance of that. You see, I got my Bachelor's from the Royal Northern College of Music, in Manchester, UK., the host of the biennial International Cello Festival (artistic director is Ralph Kirshbaum, the Texan, one of the Professors there). During my four years and two cello festivals there, I have repeatedly asked the organizers if they would be taping the concerts, masterclasses, and workshops during the five-day celebrations, if only for educational purposes, only to be told that, because of copyright and management implications, this would be impossible. What a great loss! All that I have are the brochures and concert programs, some hand-outs, and photos. And, of course the memories of sounds! Can you imagine hearing the four remaining Montagnana cellos in concert, and not recording it? Or the many great cellists in masterclass? Pity we fail future generations in such a way! Anyway, on this grim note, I must thank you once again for your great work !
Andrei Pricope

>How can we keep informed of cello positions available worldwide?
>Antonio and Scott
***I agree that such a service would be invaluable. I just need to find someone that is willing to gather and collect the different resources so that we can post them on our WWW site. Might you be interested?
John Michel

Hope everything is proceeding well with the grant and funding requests! I've learned so much from the other cellists' ICS has put me in touch with; I'd love to see it available to as many people as possible. Happy New Year and Best Holiday Wishes :-),

I just wanted to say that since I'm a cellist your cello program is really cool. It's nice to be
able to find some good stuff on the cello! Thanx a ton!!! I think all of the stuff you have here is really great!
Ess Novak


Greetings from the American University in Bulgaria. I saw the announcement about the Internet Cello Society in Strings magazine, and I'd like to join. I can offer reportage on the Bulgarian cello scene and Balkan cello literature, among other things
cellistic. I await your reply.
Geoffrey Dean
AUBG Music

Hi, my name is Jorge Espinoza. I came from Chile. I study Music (cello) in Carnegie Mellon University. My teacher is David Premo (PSO). I'd like to join in this Internet Cello.
Thanks. Bye
Jorge Espinoza

Delightful to find you. I would love to join and share experiences. I play "by night" with a piano quartet and in a community orchestra and would like to find some repertoire that is off the beaten track a bit. Again - great to find you on the internet.
Robyn Gallimore

I enjoyed reading the offerings of the Internet Cello Society. Please register me as a member!
Kristin Smith,
Doctoral student and Director of the Young Cellists Program at Indiana University.


***An Internet Cello Society Exclusive***
by TimFinholt

Pamela Frame is Associate Professor of Cello at the Eastman School of Music. Having taken lessons from Rostropovich for more than seven years, Ms. Frame describes his teaching as ferociously demanding and inspiring. In her own teaching she focuses on the balance between emotion and discipline, importance of active listening, and the often neglected technique of the bow arm. In playing Bach, Ms. Frame stresses the importance of articulation and stylistically appropriate bowings. She shares her experience working with the talented Garrison Keillor.


by Linda Hickey, Massage Therapist and Cello Student

"Repetitive stressed movement of muscle and in the joint can lead to overuse
symptoms of inflammation, pain and conditions such as tendinitis or
bursitis. Continued playing can lead to chronic pain and restricted mobility
and potentially forced early retirement from your cello. The key to avoiding
these dire consequences is stretching"

Linda Hickey prescribes an easy warm-up routine for cellists. Step-by-step instructions are given for stretching the muscles that we use playing the cello. Don't forget to breathe, unlock that jaw and memorize the feeling of lengthened, relaxed muscles!



"In April of this year I lost my job of nearly five years at a local hospital laboratory. It was an unexpected blow. But as my fellow cellists and other musician friends rallied around me, I was reminded that music has always been there, like a friend, through thick and thin. I've had times that I wanted to sever the relationship, times I felt it didn't want me, but it has always come through when it was important."


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If you know of cello society newsletters, bibliographies of music, teaching materials, references, indices, lists or articles that should be added to ICS Library, please send data to CelloTalk@aol.com or send disks to Internet Cello Society; 1309 Skyline Drive; Ellensburg, WA 98926.(Library contents will be available to all Internet users; please include author and written statement of release for unlimited or limited reproduction.)


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JULY 28-AUGUST 11 1996
The Institute will serve students whose serious preparation allows them to benefit from interaction with a community of professionals. Primarily for very advanced college and high school strings and piano. Students will work and receive coaching in chamber ensembles and will be offered private studies with any of the artist-faculty participating. Students are housed at the luxurious Sleeping Lady Conference Retreat, with gourmet meals provided by chef Damien Brown. Students also have regular chances for performances in and around the City of Leavenworth, as well as weekly concerts presented on the grounds of the Center.

Artist/Faculty for 1996 include the following:
Camilla Wicks, internationally known concert soloist and pedagogue
David Perry, concertmaster of Aspen Festival Chamber Orchestra, and 1st
violinist of the Pro-Arte Quartet at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Kairos Quartet, Quartet-in-residence at Icicle Creek Music Center
Francine Kay, piano, Toronto, Ontario
Peter Longworth, piano, Toronto, Ontario
Maria Newman, composer, violin, viola, Los Angeles, California

Cost for the session is $950 and scholarships are available for qualified students. Audition tapes are accepted until May 1, 1996, and must include two contrasting movements of current repertoire. For more information or an application please call: (509) 548-6347 or write to Icicle Creek Music Center, PO Box 2071, Leavenworth, WA 98826.
Scott Hosfeld, Icicle Creek Director

Felix Wurman, a case manufacturer, would like to know if we cellists are interested in a cello case that he is thinking of producing. The case would be tight fitting like a soft case and could fit in the airplane overhead compartment but it would be made of a rigid material. Please encourage him to produce it, if you think it would be marketable.

MUSICELLI PUBLICATIONS, founded by cellist Laszlo Varga - the founder of cello quartets in America, is presenting two cello ensemble concerts in February in Texas. The first concert is at the U of Houston on Tuesday, Feb 13. in the evening (Time and location tba). The 2nd concert will be in San Antonio at the TMEA Convention on 2/16 at 8pm in Beethoven Hall. Mr. Varga is the former Pr. VC with the NY Phil, and former Prof. at San Francisco State and Aspen. He is currently cellist with the Borodin Trio and Prof. at the Univ. of Houston. Members wishing more information about the concerts or brochures may contact me.
Barbara Smith Hedlund from Urbana, IL


***Paul Critser, ICS Internet Surfer at CelloPaul@aol.com***


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