Some one asked about my injury... Here it is.

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Posted by Andrea on May 26, 1999 at 11:50:04:

first of all i had a teacher who didnt pay attention to technique for my beginner four years.
i changed to my new teacher and shes very picky, but smart about technique, so over the
course of a few months before christmas i changed the way i played completely. im tall and
grew very dast (9 inches in a year) and my muscles still havnt caught up. my joints are
"loose", meaning i can do stuff like bend my elbow backwards without even noticing, and i
do this sort of thing all the time without realising it, but i am trying to remember not to. i
have a slight case of scoliosis and my spine is slightly twisted which helps to add to tension
in me neck-shoulder area. not to mention throughout my life my posture hasnt been
outstanding, my teacher and i are trying to gently fix that now while i play as well as
experimenting with chair height. really it is my opinion and others also that whats going on
in my wrist is maybe agravated by cello but really a symptom of other problems that i
wouldhave anyways... not that the other stuff bothers me except for the fact the, well, it
makes life a little more difficult.

sometimes i think that if i just quit i wouldnt have to think about all this stuff going on; on
the other hand i couldnt quit, but i am fed up with not being able to let myself get carried

im seeing a phisiotherapist, a message therapist, and honest to god, my teacher is taking good
care of me.

im icing my wrist. im slowly starting to build up my muscles especialy in my left forearm
to compesate for my "loose" wrist...

and i have to dash off to school now


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