The Physical and Interpretive Technique
of Emanuel Feuermann

Brinton Smith

Table of Contents

The Author, Brinton Smith

Dedication and Acknowledgements

Chapter 1. Introduction and Brief Biography of Feuermann

Chapter 2. A Comparison and Analysis of Feurermann's Dvorak Concerto
Recordings with those of Casals, Piatigorsky, Rostropovich
and Yo-Yo Ma

Chapter 3. An Analysis and Comparison of Feuermann's Performance
Edition of the Schumann Concerto

Chapter 4. An Analysis and Comparison of Feuermann's Filmed Performance

Chapter 5. Interviews

Appendix I. Notes on Interpretation by Emanuel Feuermann

Appendix II. Feuermann's Three Commercial Performance Editions
Boccherini Sonata No. 6
Mozart/Szell Concerto in D Major
Schumann Concerto, Op. 129

Selected Bibliography