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1. Name: Wijayane Surapolbhichet (male)

2. Nickname: Int

3. Nationality: Thailand (born 7 December 1971 in Bangkok)

4. Schools attended:
a) Fisher Park High school, Ottawa, Canada
b) Brookfield High school, Ottawa, Canada
c) Ruamrudee International School, Bangkok, Thailand
d) Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn Univ. Bangkok (Bach. of Laws)
e) Faculty of Law, University of Aberdeen, Scotland(LLM. Intl. and Eur.Law)

5. Career: presently working at the Dept. of Treaties and Legal Affairs, Min. of Foreign Affairs, Bangkok

6. Mus.Instr.played:
a) Bb clarinet
b) oboe
c) piano
d) flute

7. Statement: "l really want to try playing a stringed instrument, especially the cello. l love the sound. l don't expect myself to become a professional, but to be able to play and make a 'pleasant' sound and note and song. That is to be able to play this instrument l've been dreaming to play since childhood. "


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Wijayane Surapolbhichet.


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