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Student of Rostropovich seeks work outside Russia

Name:           Valery Ivanovich Kravchenko

Address:        Novoizmailovsky avenue
               House 20 Tanks 1 Apartment 90
               196191 St.-Petersburg

Phone:          7-812-290-28-55

Objective:      Position teaching cello

Experience:     Have taught at Leningrad State Conservatory for the last
               10 years.  Extensive performance experience in ensemble and
               solo.  Leningrad radio broadcasts of solo performances.

Education:      1. Leningrad State Conservatory Special Music School(1962-1965)
                       2. Leningrad State Conservatory (1965-1970)
                       3. Post-graduate Study, Leningrad State Conservatory
                       4. Student of Rostropovich - Cello Honors Student

Personal:       Born November 18, 1945 - Leningrad, Russia
                  Married with one son 20 years old, wife - homeopathic doctor
                  Some experience speaking English
                  I have used crutches since childhood due to leg disability

I have an excellent record as a student and performer with the Leningrad
State Conservatory.  As a student I won many competitions and gave many
solo concerts.  Graduate of the 3rd All-Russian Musicians Competition.

Currently my students are playing in the State Academic Mariinsky Theatre
(Kirov Opera and Ballet Theatre), the St. Petersburg Mussourgsky Opera
and Ballet Company and many other prestigious musical groups.

From the mid-1970's on I was viewed disfavorably by the government of
the USSR due to my opinions, personal friends and family background.  This
limited the amount and kind of work I was able to obtain. And now I need
financial aid for departure from Russia and first time residing abroad.

An article about me appeared in the "Daily-Telegraph" newspaper on
October 29, 1990.

You may send email to Valery, through Alexey Raymanov, by clicking on this icon!

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