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I live in Hales Corners, WI, and I am 15 years old. My family is very musical. My mother is a music teacher, my sister plays the violin, and both of my brothers play the piano.

I am in the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra. We have many concerts during the year.

I am also in a string quartet, as well as being involoved in drama and musicals. I played the violin for 5 years and then quit. I started playing the cello 6 years ago.

I go to school at Marquette University High School in Milwaukee, WI. My favorite composer is Sibelius. I enjoy his music a lot.

Favorite Web Pages:

  1. Our Lady of Lourdes Page
  2. MUHS Homepage
  3. Excite Search Engine
  4. The Milwaukee Omnifest
  5. Ward-Brodt Music Supply
  6. Netins.Net

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