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Persistence, is the best thing about my cello-playing.

I sometimes say that I love the cello enough to keep on playing but not enough to stop. I have played now for about 8 years and have taken about 6 years of lessons in that time. I have played with the Niagara Strings Orchestra, the Chapel Chamber Orchestra and the Peninsula Orchestra, all amateur orchestras in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. The Internet Cello Society and some of its cello professionals have been very important to sustaining my effort between teachers.

Learning to play the cello as an adult has been one of the most rewarding, and the most white-knuckled, terrifying, experiences of my life. Rewarding, because I have always loved music, particularly classical music, and particularly the cello. Terrifying, because to learn, we adults have to set aside our tendency to stay with known strengths and skills. I had to be willing to look pretty foolish and make loud cellistic pratfalls. In the process I have grown and learned to enjoy music more fully. Everything else has been gravy.

I have been fortunate in having the help of patient, inspired teaching. Recently I have been privileged to begin to study with Carey and Daniel Domb. Daniel and Carey's interest in developing cellists of all skill levels is inspiring.

Music has been an important part of our family life. It is important to me to do my best to see that other children get the same opportunities as my children to study the instruments that speak to their hearts. Click here to visit my family or here to send me e-mail.


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