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[blue dot] Hi all! This is my story.

[blue dot] My name is Hanna, I'm 17 and I live in the northern part of Sweden. I really like it here! The town I live in is called Pite�.

[blue dot] I study nature science at the moment, but in two years I�ll go to the United States for a year to study religion and music. Then maybe I�ll visit our own music college here in Pite�. It�s a very good school and the number of pupils are just growing! But it�s a long time until then. While I�m waiting for the time to give me a better age I entertain myself by playing in Orchestras and in a band. I concentrate on the band most of my time. You can visit our page at: http://hem.passagen.se/probiscu/saiva.htm

[blue dot] We�re four girls at the same age, almost. We met at the school and one Friday we got the idea to start a band. It seemed fun and it sure is! Well well, we�ve been playing for half a year now, though the first three months we spent arguing... We discovered how hard it is to make 4 teenage girls to cooperate! But it�s better now!

[blue dot] I�ve been playing the cello for 7 years and this is my 8th. I really love it and I�d like to work with the cello. But I don�t know if I can get good enough.

[blue dot] Hey! If someone out there knows a webpage where I can find prices and tests or something about electric cellos, then it really would be great if you could email me!

[blue dot] I have a microphone on my acoustic cello now, but I�d like to get a real electric one cause it�s really great!!! The problem is the money!! I think that�s it!


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Hanna Hedkvist.

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