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It takes some time to fill this page out (scroll down a bit), and to get your directions back by email, so please persevere. Once you get your password it will be much quicker for you to reach the #Cellotalk chat room.

If you know your way around the internet, you may enjoy the Chat Room more by using an "IRC" program, such as "mIRC." That way you can eliminate all the ads at the top and left of the browser screen. When you set it up, remember that the server is chat.talkcity.com, port 6667, and enter your nickname and TalkCity password.

We insist that everyone using this chat room avoid profanity or coarseness of any kind! If you violate this rule you will be kicked off, and banned from membership in the Internet Cello Society. Anyone who takes advantage of another person via this chat room will be immediately reported to the authorities. Young people: do not give out your real name, phone number, address or other really personal information to anyone! If someone trys to get this information from you, tell your parents, and email the webmaster with details, please.

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