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The Cello Tip ManHere is another page of Internet Cello Society correspondance about the ins and outs of cello playing, with advice from an experienced cellist. Just click on the topic that interests you!

8 pointed starKeep Practice Interesting

8 pointed starYour Favorite Cellists

8 pointed starA Painful Left Hand

8 pointed starMore About Bowing

8 pointed starDon't Play with Pain!

8 pointed starHow to Create Vibrato

8 pointed starCello Chair and Stage Fright

8 pointed starToo Old to Play the Cello?

8 pointed starNeed A Seat Cushion?

8 pointed starElectrifying Your Cello

8 pointed starCello Technique Made Simple

8 pointed starCello Rosin, Bowmaker's Advice

8 pointed starCello Strings vs. Bridge Height

8 pointed starCleaning/Polishing A Bow

8 pointed starPlaying With Right Hand Pain

8 pointed starRecording the String Quartet

8 pointed starCarpal Tunnel Syndrome

8 pointed starEndurance

8 pointed starPhysical Movement While Performing

8 pointed starThe Danger of Pain

8 pointed starCello Electrification

8 pointed starBecoming a Professional Soloist

8 pointed star"That Room at the Top," Starker

8 pointed starLearning Cello as an Adult

8 pointed starRight Shoulder Pain

8 pointed starMemorizing

8 pointed starMore About Stage Fright

8 pointed starWolf Tones

8 pointed starDrugs to Calm Nerves

8 pointed starFlying Staccato

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