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I am a fairly mediocre cellist who played quartets with a nice bunch of folks in Park Slope, Brooklyn, until two of them retired and the other one went to Oregon. I would love to start playing again. Do you have any idea of where I could find some string players (or any kind of players?) who would like to play chamber music for mutual enjoyment? I have tried putting up flyers, which used to work, but I think things have changed...


One of the best ways to meet musicians is to join a group, such as a local community orchestra. Community orchestras usually have a wide range of skills, which means that you are virtually guaranteed to find somebody at your level. When I think back on all the musicians that I have played with over the years, almost all have been through a local orchestra.

Another way to meet musicians is to attend a summer adult amateur music camp.

I assume that you are from Brooklyn, New York. Yes? If so, you have a major power-house of a cello society in NYC, called Violoncello Society, Inc., administered by Esther Prince. Their phone # is (212) 595-6588. Perhaps you could join and meet some cello soul-mates that can help you out, and turn you onto their friends. Perhaps you will get a call if a group's regular cellist can't make a chamber music session.

Another idea is to call your local American String Teachers association. I suspect there is one near you. Maybe they have some ideas. Perhaps there is a local chamber music society.

In Seattle, there is an adult music education center. Maybe there is one near you too. Does the 92nd Street Y have something?

I know there's somebody out there looking for a cellist such as yourself. :) Good luck!

Tim Janof

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