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Hi! I was born in 1977 in France, more precisely in Cannes, September 27th (in case of somebody wants to celebrate it!! I can dream!). When I was 6 I started to play cello. Now, I'm a little older and I still continue.

I often play in an orchestra and we played Beethoven, Stravinsky, Berlioz, Saint-Saens...Now, I study in the Conservatory of Nice and it's OK.

I have a sister, a brother in law, who is a computer scientist, that's why I can write on his computer, and a nephew: Nils ...and I have parents too !!

I'm good at cooking too. I am very interested in movies and I love to go to the movie theater.

I hope you are not vomiting when you read this and that you understand me. I'm French and it's difficult to for me to write in English!!

Because I can't send a picture, I would say nothing about my external appearance ... I let you imagine...

If somebody wants to write to me ........OK....... nobody wants to ... so now I am on my knees. Pleeeeease write me by clicking on this icon!!!!

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