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My name is Nicolas Jorden and I was born on 19th January in Munich. I used to live in Dilligen, a small town in Bavaria. But now I live in Munich and started to study Medicine. I really love this subject, but it means a lot of work and so I do not have much spare time. I play the violoncello for 12 years now.

My fabulous teacher was Sr. Debora, a nun with a big heart.

In the last time I started to use my cello not only for playing classic. I record my own CD right now on which I play all instruments on my own as there are: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, cello, keyboard and of course I do the vocals as well. This takes the whole rest of my short spare time, but I is faszinating and all the songs reflect my feelings and my soul. Hopefully I can finish my CD next year.

My father is a Bavarian Notar, my mother works at the chemists. I have one sister (Simone), she plays the piano very well and goes to college in Passau, studying law combined with Spanish, English and French.

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