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My name is Abraham Ahern and I live in western Colorado. I've been taking cello for 6 years from Walt Birkedahl. Some of my hobbies are playing chess, bike riding, writing, reading, baseball, and of course, playing the cello.

I play in a chamber orchestra called Mesa Chamber Strings. My favotite cello piece is the Haydn concerto #2 in D major. I have an older brother who is very good on the violin, an older sister who is very good on the piano, and a younger sister who plays both violin and piano, so we play lots of chamber music at home. We are trying out bluegrass, too.

We are homeschooled and take lots of our courses on the internet. My parents are trying to give us a classical and Christian education. This year I am taking Greek and the Great Books Tutorial via internet. In Great Books Tutorial we will read Plato's Republic, Aristotle, Tacitus, Plutarch's Lives, Thucydides and the Aeneid. I like philosophy and theology. My internet tutor for these things is Fritz Hinrichs. His web site is http://www.gbt.org/.

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