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Five years ago I dreamed of networking the cellists of the world via the Internet. At the time I had hoped to get discussion going between cellist via email in four different areas of interest: young cellists; cello teachers; professional cellists; and, as we call them "cellists-by-night". Well we tried the idea for a couple of years, but it bombed. We started out with only 50 members and most of us were just learning how to use email! We finally let the idea die its natural death, with only the hopes that its spirit would arise out of the ashes some day. That day has come. Thanks to the initiative of Tim Finholt and Marshall St. John, these specialized forums have been realized on the web based bulletin board EZBoard!

Last week as I perused the forum posts, I was most impressed by the great care that went into composing messages! There are 44 thoughtful replies to Bobbie Mayer�s post "Who we are- a new little survey?" If you have been to other Internet bulletin boards or newsgroups you know that this attentive approach to posts is the exception, not the rule. In I time when we are all overwhelmed with the colossal task of coping with more and more information, it is refreshing to see such eager talk between cello friends, encouraging words, and chit chat about the refreshing world of music and the cello. I believe we have reached a more meaningful and immediate level of communication among cellists! The Internet Cello Society indeed would not have come alive so quickly without the help of a few dedicated ICS Staff and the voluntary activity of so many members.

I see that Tim Finholt has recounted some of the history of the Internet Cello Society in a "Cellist by Night" forum thread. As current editor of TUTTI CELLI and as author of numerous ICS exclusive artist interviews, Tim continues to lead us in collecting new quality content for ICS. I also would like to acknowledge a member MaryK who has been the only member to contribute to the Internet Cello Society on a monthly basis! ICS has required a lot of financial resources and much more volunteer time. Before the world comes to an end with Y2K, please be sure to send your generous donation to the Internet Cello Society! See below for details.

Obviously direct donations are preferred, but there are other ways to help generate funds for ICS!
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Purchase or just browse for cello materials via our new ICS Cello Commerce Connection page.
Or just listen to these cello mp3 websites (ICS gets a few pennies for every listen!): http://mp3.com/ics http://mp3.com/cello http://mp3.com/cellist

Thanks to you all!

John Michel, ICS Director

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