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Welcome! As a new member we hope that you find ICS interesting and informative. As soon as our permanent server site is established, we hope that you will participate in our forums and fully utilize the ICS resources. Until then, this enhanced newsletter directory will be used.

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Progress towards establishing a full fledged WWW site has been not moved as quick as I had hoped, but your enthusiasm has kept me going. We are almost 100 members strong after the first week of announcing the Internet Cello Society! Our membership consists of professional players, teachers, students, and cello enthusiasts. We have members as young as 12 years old and as far away as New Zealand!

ICS will soon create a directory with more complete information on each member (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

My wife and I just performed Brahms Double Concerto with the Yakima Symphony and in two weeks our Kairos Quartet will be joined by ICS member Kara Hunnicutt for two performances of the Schubert Cello Quintet. As assistant professor of cello at Central Washington University, I find myself torn between work, practice, wife, computer and baby :-) John Michel 1/22/95


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This sounds terrific! Thanks for the invitation. I live in a small town in Oregon and play in the Central Oregon Symphony. We often feel like we are detached from the big cello picture! This is a great way to stay informed. Would be great to be able to contact past friends. Thanks again! SoosZoo

I was delighted to get the invitation to join the Cello Society! I am thrilled about all this! It will be wonderful to share with others - I am somewhat isolated - very few cellists in the Pensacola area! Dmcmurry


by Tim Finholt
This interview with the accomplished artist and teacher Steven Doane is rich with insight. Mr. Doane, presently on faculty at Eastman, has worked with many legends of the past and greats of the present. He gives practical advice for practice and interpretation. Mr. Doane gives us a healthy perspective on cello playing, competitions and the future of music professionals.

"The big job right now is to build an audience because there's a whole generation that has lost the message of classical music. We must get into the schools and involve kids at an early age with music. I think everybody that's involved with an instrument is going to have to be involved in teaching. We must be responsible musical citizens. This doesn't mean you have to spend all your time doing it, but there has to be some teaching or some outreach activity."


Upon scanning the new membership, I found an old WYSO stand partner from Interlochen National Music Camp. Only after a decade have we connected up again, and this was only made possible via the Internet! David Baxter is one of our Cellists-By-Night, he went into network publishing!


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