Gabrieli/ Seven Ricercars: No. 1/ Scott/MCA
Gabrieli/ Seven Ricercars: No. 2/ (see No. 1)
Matz, Rudolf/ Lights and Shadows/ Dominis
Matz, Rudolf/ Suite in C major for solo cello/ Dominis
Matz, Rudolf/ Temea con Variazioni, for solo cello/ Dominis

Bach, J.S./ Suite No. 1/ Schirmer/Barenreiter/ Presser
Doblinger/Reinhardt [facsimile]/Presser
Bach, J.S./ Suite No. 3, Bouree I and II/ (see Suite No. 1 for info)
Bach, J.S./ Suite No. 1, Menuetto I and II/ (see Suite No. 1 for info)
Gabrieli/ Seven Ricercars: No. 3/ (see No. 1)
Gabrieli/ Seven Ricercars: Nos. 4 & 5/ (see No. 1)

Bach, J.S./ Suite No. 2/ (see Suite No. 1)
Gabrieli/ Seven Ricercars: No. 6& 7/ (see No. 1)
Popper/ Selected Solo Pieces/ Peters
Muczynski, Robert/ Gallery for solo cello/ Schirmer
Prokofiev/ March, from Music for Children, Op. 65/ International

Bach, J.S./ Suite No. 3/ (see Suite No. 1)
Gerschefski, Edwin The Mountain/ ACA
Holst, Imogen/ Fall of the Leaf for the solo Cello/ Oxford
Rorem, Ned/ After Reading Shakespeare/ Boosey
Perle, George/ Hebrew Melodies/ New Music

Bach, J.S./ Suite No. 4/ (see Suite No. 1)
Bloch/ Suite No. 1 for cello alone/ Broude Bros.
Weber, Ben/ Two Dances for unaccompanied cello/ New Music Edition

Bach, J.S./ Suite No. 5/ (see Suite No. 1)
Hindemith/ Sonata for cello alone, Op 25, No. 3/ Schott
Reger/ Suite No. 1 in G, Op. 131c/ International/Henle
Reger/ / Suite No. 2, Op. 131c/ International/Henle
Crumb/ Sonata/ Peters

Bach, J.S./ Suite No. 6/ (see Suite No. 1)
Cassado/ Suite for solo cello/ Universal copy
Kodaly/ Sonata, Op. 8/ Universal/Schott
Ginastera/ Punena No. 2, Op. 45/ Boosey
Bottermund/Starker Variations on a Theme of Paganini/ Peer International
Britten/ Suite for Cello, Op. 72/ Faber Music
Britten/ Suite for Cello, Op. 80/ Faber Music
Britten/ Third Suite for Cello, Op. 87/ Faber Music
Penderecki/ Capriccio per Siegrfried Palm for Solo Cello/ Schott

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