The following pieces are listed in general order of technical difficulty, giving only moderate consideration for musical difficulty. At all stages of development cello students should be exposed to and learn from the finest of music compositions. The result of hard practice is ultimately more rewarding, and the accumulated repertoire is more appropriate/satisfying for public performance.

The piece written in bold print are those pieces most commonly programmed in professional recitals and concerts, making up the core of the solo cello repertoire (note: excepting the exercise, studies and collections where the bold indicates preference). This not to say that other pieces are not worthy musical compositions, in fact, many outstanding works are not being much performed and should be part of our working repertoire. Students should be encouraged to explore the entire repertoire, but even more importantly, they should have a thorough working knowledge of the most respected works of the repertoire.

Many pieces of our literature are originally written for other instruments, and we have welcomed them into the heart of our repertoire like the Schubert Arpeggioni, the Bach Da Gamba Sonatas, and the Franck Sonata. There are also a multitude of other transcriptions and arrangements that have been made. It is impossible to identify all of those in this document, but an effort has been made to include interesting selections, mostly of accomplished composers.

Preferred editions, in my opinion, are listed first with others following. Selections in italics are not necessarily recommended for pedagogical purposes.

{ } = arranger of collection

Sources for this syllabus include the ASTA String Syllabus (Revised 1986) and the Royal Conservatory Syllabus.
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