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Heather Martley
Registered User
(9/18/00 11:57:29 am)
Looking for 7/8 Cello
I'm in the market for a 7/8 cello in the $5,000 -$10,000 range. I'm in Washington, DC and have already checked Brobst and Potter's. I'm also going to call Wayne Burak, cellos2go, and Mennings (sp?) and Vintage Instruments in Philly. If anyone knows of other likely places for me to try, please let me know. Thank you!

Registered User
(9/18/00 12:03:50 pm)
Re: Hi Heather!
Johnson String carries some 7/8ths too. You might want to check their website. In fact I think they have a Ramirez (sp?) 7/8 from the Goronok workshop. Are you looking to replace your Goronok?

How have you been? Hope all is well with you. E-mail me some time!


Registered User
(9/18/00 2:00:36 pm)
Re: Looking for 7/8 Cello
Heather, we will be offering a 7/8 Giuseppe Francesco cello quite soon, hopefully by the end of this month (we are waiting for the maker to finish the cello). More information about the Giuseppe Francesco cellos is available at our website (direct link below) and even more is available on our multimedia CD-ROM "Virtual Showroom" that is available toward the end of this week. You can sign up on the website guestbook to receive a CD-ROM.


StringWorks, Inc.
Giuseppe Francesco instruments -

Registered User
(9/18/00 4:49:13 pm)

Re: Looking for 7/8 Cello
Hi Heather!!

I'm pretty happy w/the 7/8 cello I bought from W. Burak & Assoc., FWIW.


          Looking for 7/8 Cello-Heather Martley-(3)-9/18/00 11:57:29 am  
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               Re: Hi Heather!-JanJan  9/18/00 12:03:50 pm  
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