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(1/25/01 9:20:47 pm)
Cossman Torture Exercises
This is the first time I have posted on this board! I'm a student at Valparaiso University in Indiana. Today at my lesson I had the pleasure, or should I say the pain of starting Cossman's exercises for finger strength and agility. Have any of you had to try them yet? My teacher gave them to me with the rule that they would help get my fingers in shape, as long as I don't hurt myself with them. Sounds like a good plan to me! :) Does anyone have any tips on these? Or any horror stories about them? Just curious.


Registered User
(1/26/01 9:58:49 am)
They really aren't so bad..... just remember to take it easy at first just like you would with the Starker exercises. I think the Cossman helped me out quite a bit. Have fun.

Christopher Chan
Registered User
(1/27/01 11:35:39 pm)
Re: Cossman Torture Exercises
Cossman excercises are awesome. My teacher started me off pretty early on Cossman. It's been part of my daily routine eversince i was introduced to them.

First of all you never want to play with pain, just ask Mr. Sazer. The trick is that you must be completely relaxed when you play and your fingers should not be flapping up and down really high. You want your fingers to barely lift off the fingerboard, you want them to flutter. Speed and agility comes easily when you have mastered this. Remember to periodically check your intonation as well, you never want to be playing "just notes".

Hope this helps.

Registered User
(1/28/01 12:47:41 am)
They won't bite...hard
Seriously, I love these! They appeal to the logical, methodical scientific part of my brain (which I have otherwise learned to shut off). They just...make sense, I guess. I'm one of those sick people who actually ENJOY exercises and etudes, etc. Don't hit me!

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