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(1/15/01 2:17:37 am)
Luthiers in NYC
I have figured out the best luthiers are to be found by word of mouth. Can anyone recommend a good luthier in the NYC area? I really need to get a new bridge fitted. How much will having a new bridge fitted cost me approximately? Thanks for any help.

Betsy C 
Registered User
(1/15/01 6:37:10 pm)
Re: Luthiers in NYC
You may consider Guy Rabut. My cello teacher has one of his cellos and it looks beautiful, and sounds even better than it looks. I met him at the WCCIII last May/June and he was very personable. As I understand it, he has an excellent reputation. Good luck!

Registered User
(1/15/01 6:43:24 pm)
Re: Luthiers in NYC
I recommend Jules Azzi, who has a shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn. My wife and I use him for our cellos. I have recommended him (to great acclaim) to my cello teacher and to my chamber-music coach, a violist.

I don't know what he'll charge. You can call him at 718 965-0003.

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