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Posts: 50
(8/12/01 2:38:21 pm)
small cellos!
I am looking for a new cello;-)!

Do you know of any places to get a small 4/4 cello or a 7/8 cello? I am short...with small fingers... My teacher have been talking about that my cello is too big (or well I am simply too small for it..).

Please help! Thanks!


And I hope I will not need to spend very much money, but I am totally aware that finding a small cello is very hard and finding one without spending very much money is even harder...

Registered User
Posts: 555
(8/12/01 2:47:53 pm)
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two good places to get 7/8 cellos

Best regards,

Marshall C. St. John
Wayside Presbyterian Church

Registered User
Posts: 418
(8/13/01 10:09:11 am)
Re: small cellos!
A student of mine here in NYC has a 7/8 cello (Schrotter, I believe) which she'd probably be VERY interested in unloading, since she's really full-size size now. Write me privately if you want more info.

Paul Tseng ICS Staff 
Posts: 1486
(8/13/01 4:48:01 pm)
Re: small cellos!
One of my students in NYC bought a 7/8 cello (I believe it was patterned after the "Castigneri" (sp?) Strad. Memory might be failing me. James Cox made it and it was absoultuely beautifuly antiqued. The most striking thing was that the cello had a bigger and richer sound than many full sized cellos I've heard.

Email me if you'd like to get in touch with James Cox in Baltimore. The greatest thing about his cellos are that he custom builds them all for his clients.

Paul Tseng

My Website
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