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(7/20/01 11:34:18 pm)
Correct position of soundpost?
Can anyone help me on this? I am quite confused with the position of the soundpost. The one inside my cello is located under the right foot side (A string) of the bridge, approximately 1 to 1.5 inches below the foot. Is this the correct position? Thanks! Eddy Lee

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(7/21/01 8:30:21 am)
Re: Correct position of soundpost?
The "standard" position for the soundpost is centered on the A string foot of the bridge about the width of the soundpost behind the bridge. The other bridge foot on the C string side is usually centered directly over the bass bar. The A string bridge foot should be about the same distance from the f-hole as the C string side. This places the soundpost at about the same distance away from the f-hole as the bass bar is on the C string side. Bridges come in various widths at the foot and the proper width should be selected. If the bridge is too wide, the foot will not be properly centered on the bass bar and the A string side will be closer to the f-hole than it should be. Although the position of the bass bar is fairly standard on most modern cellos, older cellos can tend to be somewhat variable on placement of the bass bar.

The soundpost can be adjusted forward toward the bridge foot or backward, away from the bridge foot, depending on the sound desired. Adjustments across the plane of the cello, in the plane of the bridge, are limited because the soundpost is sloped so that it fits the curvature of the cello body, top and bottom. If it is moved too far toward the center it will fit too loosely and likewise if it is moved too far toward the f-hole it will fit too tightly. It is essential that the soundpost not get turned during setting, because of the bevel on the ends. I usually mark the side that has to face the f-hole with a little pencil mark to ensure that it is properly placed after adjustment.

Moving the soundpost can greatly affect the "color" of the cello sound, the relative emphasis of the treble vs the bass strings and the overall playability and of the strings. Although soundpost adjustments can be made if you have the proper tools, they probably should be made by an experienced repair person. Damage to the top of the cello can occur from too frequent adjustment, especially if the soundpost gets turned the wrong way during adjustment.

I hope my post has not confused the situation for you. Others on this board have more experience than I do and may have other views on the subject.


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(7/23/01 3:41:26 am)
Re: Correct position of soundpost?
Terry, I have learned a lot from your advise. Thanks very much for spending yours time to explain to me. Eddy

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