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Alexandria Rose Allen
Alexandria Rose Allen was born on October 23, 1989, and is now 12 years of age. She writes: "I started studying the cello at the age of nine, under the instruction of Barbara Henry. The next year I started taking private lessons from Marlene Moore. Since then, I have participated in workshops and a variety of music festivals. Just recently, I joined a second orchestra, besides my school orchestra, where I am expanding my knowledge of music even more. In the school orchestra, I play first chair, which after last year I was moved into a more advanced orchestra. The cello is such a wonderful instrument! The richness of it’s sound is beautiful. I plan to play through high school and go to a music school, such as the Eastman school of music. Then I hope to have a soloist career and perform with many orchestras. My teachers think of me as a very talented student with lots of potential, and I expect a lot of myself when I play music." Send email to Alex at: alchemy@olypen.com
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