Merchants Links

The following merchants are in alphabetical order.
Cello Heaven does not endorse or rate any merchants.
They are listed here for information and convenience.
Note: Some of the student oriented shops also carry
some fine artists' cellos, so shop around a bit!

If you want to list your own cello
for sale, click HERE.

Less Expensive Cellos
for Beginning and
Advancing Students

More Expensive Cellos
for Advanced Students
and Artists

Concord Musical Supplies for strings,
bows and other accessories at low cost...
Violink List of Cellos for Sale
For Top Quality Bows: Salchow Bows
Visit Don Reinfeld for bow sales/repairs and information.
David VanZandt's Wonderful List of Violin/Cello Makers
Koji Fukuhara's Huge List of Dealers and Luthiers
You may like to check out the "Cellos For Sale!" message board.
Musical Instruments for Sale in the UK

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