Fritz Magg

Fritz Magg lived from 1914 to July of 1997, and was a well-know teacher of the cello. At the age of 83, while adjudicating at the Leonard Rose Competition in Maryland, he suffered a fatal heart attack.

He had been a noted soloist, a principal cellist of the Vienna Symphony and Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, a member of the Gordon and Berkshire String Quartets, and a professor of cello and chamber music at Indiana University for 36 years. He was the string department chair at IU and developed the guidelines to which the string division still adheres. His teaching legacy can be viewed in a ten-part video series called "Cello Sounds of Today."

Several hundred guests attended a memorial recital, which opened with Mozart's Overture to the Marriage of Figaro arranged for four celli by Douglas Moore. Performers included Douglas Moore, Charles Wendt, Deborah Davis, and Kirsten Whitson. The program continued with a performance by Karen Baranskas of Hindemith's Unaccompanied Sonata for Cello, Op. 25, No. 3. The Andante from Concerto for Flute (1934) by Jacques Ibert was performed by Kyril Magg (Fritz's son) and Kari Miller (his widow), a piece especially appropriate because Ibert composed it upon learning of the death of his father. Daniel Rothmuller offered three movements from the Bach Solo Suite in D minor and Kari Miller, gave a joyous performance of the Allegretto from Schubert's Sonata in G Major. The program closed with the Klengel Hymnus for 12 Celli led by Paul Biss, Professor of Music at IU and son of the late "Grand Dame du Violoncelle" Raya Garbousova.

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