A Portrait of
Pablo Casals

A "Scrapbook"
of photos, essays
and books

Compiled by

Casals conducting

(1) Casal's Birth(9) Touring the World(17) Philosopical Musings(25) Popper Continued
(2) The Young Musician(10) 1st USA Tour(18) Civil War(26) Eisenberg and Bach
(3) Early Studies(11) Famous Trio(19) San Salvador(27) Civil War Continued
(4) In Madrid(12) Susan Metcalfe(20) Rostropovich(28)
(5) Brussels Fiasco(13) Return to Barcelona(21) Piatigorsky(29)
(6) Paris Too Soon(14) Casals Orchestra(22) Bach Suites(30)
(7) Barcelona(15) Conducting(23) Popper On Casals(31)
(8) Triumph in Paris(16) His Personality(24) Popper Continued(32)

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