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Matt Turner is regarded as one of the world's leading improvising cellists. Equally adept in many styles, Turner performs everything from jazz standards and twentieth century new music to alternative rock and improvised avant-garde.

Turner completed his undergraduate studies at Lawrence University and his Master of Music degree in Third Stream Studies at the New England Conservatory of Music, where he studied with Dave Holland, Geri Allen and Joe Maneri, and where he was the recipient of a Distinction in Performance Award.

Turner has performed at the International Cello Festival in Montreal, the Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival, and with CUBE, Present Music, and Dadadah. He is featured on more than twenty recordings with such artists as Marilyn Crispell and Joseph Jarman. Turner appears on O.O. Discs, Asian Improv, Rastascan, Geode, Cadence, Music and Arts, Accurate, and other labels. Turner served on the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music faculty as a lecturer in jazz for three years.

Upcoming events featuring Turner include a West Coast tour (San Francisco, Eugene, Portland, Seattle) with the Scott Fields Ensemble (March 1-9), a performance/workshop at the New Directions Cello Festival (June 6-8 at the Univ. of Conn.), and several CD releases featuring Marilyn Crispell, Larry Ochs, Scott Fields, Jeff Song and others.

Selected Discography

Matt Turner, Infiltrator, Geode Records, 1995

Scott Fields Ensemble, Forty-Eight Motives, with Marilyn Crispell and Joseph
Jarman, Cadence Records, 1996

Jeff Song & Lowbrow, Rules of Engagement, Asian Improv Records, 1996

Jeff Song & Lowbrow, The Other Pocket, Music and Arts, Spring 1997

Scott Fields Ensemble, Disaster at Sea, Music and Arts, 1996

Scott Fields Ensemble, FUGU, Geode Records, 1995

Dean Laabs/Jeff Song, Invisible Maniac, Asian Improv Records, 1994

Jeff Song/Matt Turner, In Vivo, Asian Improv Records, 1994

Jeff Song/Matt Turner, Love and Fear, O.O. Discs, 1992

Ken Schaphorst, Over the Rainbow, Accurate Records, 1996

Extempo, Highland, Mark Records, 1995

Debris, Terre Haute, Rastascan Records, 1993

Optionz for Cello Ensemble, Latham Music Enterprises, 1995

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