Robert Battey


I am available for both recitals and background music (e.g., galleries, weddings, etc.), either as a soloist or with a trio or quartet.

As already mentioned, I accept a small number of students. I am not trained to teach young children, but have had success with ages 14 and up. I also enjoy teaching adult amateurs, and particularly enjoy coaching chamber groups.

I have prepared a lecture/presentation entitled "Great Cellists of the 20th Century" featuring video performances of Casals, Feuermann, Piatigorsky, Fournier, Rose, Starker, etc., with critical commentary. I have given the presentation for cello clubs and studios throughout the D.C. region and in Pennsylvania. You may have seen the shortened version I presented at the World Cello Congress III in Baltimore. Contact me if you would like this presentation for your group.

I am an experienced contest judge and honored to do such work. References are available.

I prefer to conduct music business by e-mail at first, but if necessary I can be reached at 703-516-6172.

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