The following are discussions I've had regarding moving while playing in the

last couple of months.

Tim Janof

I am a junior in highschool and principle in our orchestra.  I also

participate in a city highschool orchestra.  After watching a video tape of

a recent recital which I played in, I noticed how still I am.  I sound

expressive but I don't look expressive.  I watch other people my age and

see the same problem.  How can I make myself move more?  L. B.

You need to make sure you are not tensed up first of all, which will prevent

natural motions.  Sit such that you can be more mobile.  Also make sure you

are relaxed and are breathing freely.  I would recommend reading "New

Directions in Cello Playing" by Victor Sazer to get tips on playing with

minimal tension.

The next step is to feel the music deep within yourself.  If the music

doesn't excite you to the core, you probably won't show it.  I suspect as

time goes by you will become more in touch with your emotions, that the music

will affect you more and more, and that you will become less "embarrassed" to

show your true feelings.  In other words, give yourself a couple of years.

The kind of motion you are yearning for comes with age.  It sounds like you

are on the right track.  Keep up the good work.

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