The following are discussions I've had regarding Carpal Tunnel syndrome in

the last couple of months.

Tim Janof

Excuse this request: I have used many search engines to no avail.  Briefly,

my wife is starting to learn the cello, but has run into problems holding the

bow. She has had carpal tunnel and flexor tendon operations, and the usual

position gives great pain. The teacher cannot help.  I wondered if there was

any supplier of, or design for, attachments to be clipped to the bow to

enable people with "problem hands" to play?

Your answer, even if negative, will be much appreciated.

Sincerely, R.H.

I am a professional cellist suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  My

doctors suggest surgery. Is there anyone out there who has been through

surgery and survived/ not survived?  I would love to talk to a fellow

musician who has been through this operation and come out the other end.


I am a "semi" expert (rheumatologist) and see lots of people with carpal

tunnel syndrome [the most common cause of median neuritis] and I certainly

confirm what was just said ... be sure the diagnosis is accurate (typically

by checking electrophysiologic testing and careful history and exam) and get

a grip on what can be fixed surgically . usually it's just the neuritic

portion (numb, tingling, dysesthetic sensations on the thumb half of the

hand/fingers, sometimes accompanied by arm aching) and not any

musculotendinous soreness on moving the wrist, which is often mistaken for

carpal tunnel syndrome.  A strain syndrome in various tendons should not be

addressed surgically.  L.

Amen.  I used a wrist splint, recommended by my doctor and the symptoms went

away.  Incidentally, I believe using my computer contributed as much to the

problem and probably more than playing the cello.  I appreciated Tim

Janof's reminder not to bend your left wrist while playing.

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