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Dr. Cello needs your help with this one! We would like to list a large number of cello teachers here, according to their state, and even nation, so prospective students can find local help. Please send us names, addressess, phone numbers and email addresses of cello teachers.

The Charles Dancla String School

Erica Rubis
A teacher in the Hague, Netherlands.

Valery Ivanovich Kravchenko, experienced cellist and former student of Rostropovich, seeks cello teaching position in the West.

Suzanne Coutanceau and the Brolga Worshops, in Melbourne Australia

Ernest Bloch's Comments on Schelomo

The Art of Teaching (at Banf) July 15-19, featuring Aldo Parisot

Bow Arm Movements

Cello Scholarships at U. of Wyoming

String Education Resources

Cello teacher available in Amherst, Pelham, MA

A-Cello-Rondo (Suzuki Cello Instruction)

Indiana University's Young Cellist's Program

Nathaniel Rosen's Masterclass

The Cello Teacher's Bulletin Board/Forum

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