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[Miscellaneous] Music Links

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Classical Music Education Foundation (CLEF)

Downloadable Music Site
Classical music in MPEG3 and MPEG2, Free Audio players and Music links.

Archive of Classical Midi Sequences, Thousands of classical music excerpts in midi format.

CD NOW, A great place to find and buy CD's.

CLASSICAL NET, a very extensive collection of links to instruments, composers, anything you can think of with regard to classical music.

VIOLINK, a searchable music database.

MOI, Musicians on the Internet, A virtual listening booth. Neat site!

Kalvos & Damian New Music Bazaar, of which the Vermont Composers Consortium is a small part

The USC String Project

PC Songs (midi files)

Musical Instrument Exchange (for sale)

Altramar Medieval Music Ensemble

Montagnana Books (About violins, etc.)

Musicians Injuries

List of Orchestras

Classical and Operatic Midi Files by Anna and Luca

Yahoo Instruments

Horn Jokes

Music Information

Francis Cox's Classical Music in LondonA really marvelous collection of London resources!

Musical Instruments and Voices

Sean's Publishers

Sean's Guide

Don Quan's Music

Davis Library

Indiana Library

Musicians & Injuries

Esther Boyer College of Music at Temple University

VH1 Online

Paul Critser's Online Musicians List

CD Now!

Music Boulevard

All Music Guide

CD World

1-800 Music Now


Tons of Tee Vee Theme Tunes

Mammoth Meta-Music Services

Music World III

University of Oregon School of Music Information Server

HELLO EVERYONE! Adventures in Good Music with Karl Haas


Music Resource List from Indiana University Music Library

Sibelius Academy in Finland (An Enormous List)
and a "Top 100 Page" rating by PC Magazine.

"Mozart," software for composing and printing music scores (shareware)

Big List of Music Notation Software

BMG Classics World

String Pedagogy Notebook

Early Music America Hompage

Early Music Guild Homepage

Early Music FAQ

Justin's Early Music Web


Composers from the Middle Ages up to Now

ANIMATO, the Australian String Shop

For Sale in Australia

Edinburgh University's Collection of Historical Musical Instruments

Stolen Instrument list

The Mother of all music links

Icicle Creek Music Center

Music Teacher Magazine

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