An Excerpt from Casals, a book of photographs by Vytas Valaitis,
with text selected and arranged by Theodore Strongin.

Casals with Schweitzer
Casals with Schweitzer

"What I think is that sensibility has been lost today, so many things have happened in the world lately. Today we see fantastic things in science, in everything, in machines that do a lot of things.

"I will say only elemental things--nothing complex--as everything ought to be, beginning with life. But you must know that the simplest things are the ones that count.

"But the world has forgotten sadly the most elemental things. What I feel very deeply is that the world has retrogressed, gone back in many ways, and especially in sensibility. I remember, for instance, the time of the Dreyfus case. It was only one man, and everyone--everyone!--at that time was interested in this case. If an injustice was committed to one man, everyone questioned it.

"Today we forget the millions of lives lost in the last wars. We rather tend to think of other things that refer to our physical needs, to our amusement. That is why I think that the world is going backwards.

"We have more and more people that think they know everything there is to be known, except Pater Noster."

Copyright © 1996, 1997 Marshall C. St. John