Charlotte Lehnhoff

Charlotte Lehnhoff began studying the cello at the age of 12 in Chicago with Leopold Teraspulsky. She was a student of David Wells at the Manhattan School of Music and studied with Oliver Edel at the University of Michigan. She has also studied cello pedagogy with Janos Starker and Helga Winold at Indiana University, and the late Channing Robbins in New York. She holds the degree of Master of Music in Music Theory from the University of Michigan.

During PhD studies in Music Theory at the University of Chicago, she took part in a study of Beethoven sketches and Beethoven's handwriting with Philip Gossett. She was one of the founding editors of The Cello Scroll, newsletter of the Chicago Cello Society, and has written many articles for the newsletter. These include series about cellists active in Beethoven's lifetime, and tracing the history of the thumb position. She is a Vice-President of the Chicago Cello Society. She has taught cello, courses in music theory and music history for music majors, and music fundamentals for non-music majors at Chicago State University. She has a large class of private cello students.

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